March 31, 2013

Farewell Post to YJ Cave Readers

Hello YJ Cave readers, I made this farewell post as a thank you to all my blog readers.

As we all know Young Justice the animated series has ended. But focusing on the positive, Young Justice was an amazing show.

I think what made Young Justice so epic is the fact that we got to see almost every genre in the two seasons. From comedy, to drama, to romance, to action & adventure, and some would even say horror. The show had the capability to engage their audience throughout the two seasons. Also the writing and artistry from the Young Justice crew was phenomenal. And the voices from the Young Justice cast has always been excellent.

Though I think what truly got people to fall in love with Young Justice is the connection we fans made with the characters. The characters, though superheros, had human issues. We were able to at times see ourselves in the characters and felt a sense of excitement when we watched them. Always rooting them on. Especially when it came to the romance lol. Young Justice is a perfect example of a TV series connecting to a wide range of ages and cultures.

I started my Young Justice blog, YJ Cave, two years ago on March 12, 2011 and to this day I'm so happy that I did. Though there was the ups and downs from the hiatuses and the show being canceled, I always enjoyed blogging to you all. Not only did I further my love for writing but I learned how incredible DC Comics is. As most of you know before Young Justice I was not into the superhero world, so I started everything from scratch but from the help of friends and YJ Cave readers, I think we all made this blog pretty epic :).

Without Young Justice I would of never met some amazing friends and I'm truly grateful for that. And thank you to all readers who read my blog through out the two years and helped and contributed.

Anyone can still contact me at and you can also contact me on my personal tumblr page or twitter I'm always open to chit chat lol.

Thanks so much for coming to YJ Cave and getting the latest updates and news on Young Justice. Thank you to all the creative fans who allowed me to share their art, music videos, cosplay photos, fanfictions, and much more.

Though I am closing down this blog, I still do believe there is a glimmer of hope for Young Justice. It is just time for me to move on, but I will ALWAYS be a Young Justice fan and will continue to help out getting YJ back on air. Never give up the fight to save our favorite TV shows.

Thank you all and love you.


-YJ Blogger

March 26, 2013

Warner Bros.' Meeting To Discuss Young Justice

Website SMGO, Show Must Go On, announced that there might be a possible meeting with Warner Brothers to discuss the possibility of Young Justice & GL: TAS returning to TV. The meeting is to get the approval from WB to start a fundraising campaign to fund future episodes/movie. If the ok is given then fans will be able to contribute their money to the campaign.

Here is an excerpt from SMGO's tumblr page,
We just want to remind everyone that we’re still in talks with the group at Warner Brothers for your two shows.  Nothing is certain, and nothing will be certain until we’re fully in contract with them.
We likely will be meeting with them during this next week to hammer out the final details, including an official press release confirming their approval of these projects.  We will not enter into the funding stage until we have everything perfect.
Indications are very good, but again, please remember that nothing is set in stone until a formal contract is reached.

Thank you to Mayowa Folorunso for sharing the story with me!

March 25, 2013

Young Justice Petition

The petition, Bring Back Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animate Seriesneeds around 13,000 more signatures to reach its goal. The petition is addressed to numerous companies and people that have a hand in Young Justice coming back on air with a new season and new episodes. This is a summary from the petition:
Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series have been two extraordinarily popular adaptations of the DC Universe, attracting fans of all ages and gaining an incredible internet following. These shows are well written and extraordinarily well animated, and feature a variety of excellent characters, with both series featuring strong female characters and Young Justice further having a diverse cast and showcasing many characters who can no longer be found within the comics themselves. We feel that the contribution they represented was important, and that their popularity should have guaranteed them renewal. While we appreciate the return of the also popular Teen Titans Go and the opportunity presented by Beware the Batman, we see no reason that these shows should not be able to coexist.

To sign the petition and spread the word click here.

March 22, 2013

Speeches From The YJ & GLTAS Producers

At the DC Nation fan meet up Green Lantern: The Animated Series Producers Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe along with Young Justice Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti thank everyone that watched and supported their respective shows.

March 20, 2013

Special Video From Comic Uno

YouTuber Comic Uno made a video explaining what she would of liked to see if there was a season 3 of Young Justice. In this short video she hits on a lot of points that  YJ fans would of liked to also seen. To view more of Comic Uno's videos, she also talks about comics and pop culture, visit her channel here.

March 18, 2013

Take The Young Justice Survey!

Christopher Jones's Web Minion posted on her tumblr a Young Justice Survey. I don't know too much on what this survey means or what they'll do with the results BUT here is what Web Minion wrote:

Hello Young Justice fans! 
While I can’t tell you what this is about yet, I can tell you some heavy hitters of the Young Justice creative team will see your answers.
Do your best answer all of these questions as truthfully/honestly as possible. It is very important that we gather accurate data, and your answers will not hurt anybody’s feelings. In fact, the more brutally honest you are, the better.
Please spread this survey far & wide. Certainly, reblog, retweet, and share it! Also, personally ask each of your friends in the Young Justice fandom to come here and fill it out. The success of this kind of thing hinges on collecting as much data as possible, and a personal endorsement goes a long way to help with that goal! :)

Sound pretty cool though! I've already taken the survey and if you would like too also Click here to take the survey!

March 16, 2013

Wally West aka Kid Flash

I put my lighter up in honor of Wally West aka Kid Flash. A true hero.

March 14, 2013

Promo Photos For Young Justice Final Episode!

The final episode of Young Justice will air this Saturday, March 16th 2013. "Endgame" is about on the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth!

I hope everyone likes the promo photos, I think each photo looks interesting! Now I shall go sit in a corner and shed a tear since I realized that this is the last episode and the last time I post promo photos.

Make sure everyone to watch the last episode on the slotted time, it would be epic to break the ratings!

March 12, 2013

Finale Interview With Young Justice Producer conducted an interview with Young Justice producer Greg Weisman about his thoughts on the final season! In the interview Weisman talks about his and other Young Justice Producer Brandon Vietti's process throughout the two seasons, his feelings about the show ending, and he also answers some popular questions fans been wanting to know!

Here is an excerpt from the interview:
WF: You've said before the theme of Young Justice is "secrets and lies". During “Invasion”, we've seen some members of the original team graduate from concealing their insecurities to hiding truths from each other and even conspiracies amongst themselves, seemingly in contrast to the Justice League. How do you view the way the original team members have grown up, and what type of lessons do you think can be taken from the “secrets and lies” seen throughout the series?
GW: I think they've grown up in a dangerous business, and it's infected who they are and how they deal with even their best friends like a disease. I think we've demonstrated over and over that secrets almost always come out. Lies almost always are exposed. But that doesn't mean they don't have uses. The fact is, if you're going on a covert op, it makes sense to tell as few people as possible, to limit one's exposure, so to speak. But that needs to be balanced with other factors. Still, in everyday life, it seems pretty clear that honesty is the best policy. Anything else is just too darned... exhausting.

WF: Ultimately, what is the one thing above all else that you hope viewers will take away from Young Justice overall?
GW: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT. Kidding, kidding. Mostly, I just hope that the characters meant something to them. That they felt real. Not perfect. Real.

If you would like to read more of this brilliant interview, click here!