March 26, 2013

Warner Bros.' Meeting To Discuss Young Justice

Website SMGO, Show Must Go On, announced that there might be a possible meeting with Warner Brothers to discuss the possibility of Young Justice & GL: TAS returning to TV. The meeting is to get the approval from WB to start a fundraising campaign to fund future episodes/movie. If the ok is given then fans will be able to contribute their money to the campaign.

Here is an excerpt from SMGO's tumblr page,
We just want to remind everyone that we’re still in talks with the group at Warner Brothers for your two shows.  Nothing is certain, and nothing will be certain until we’re fully in contract with them.
We likely will be meeting with them during this next week to hammer out the final details, including an official press release confirming their approval of these projects.  We will not enter into the funding stage until we have everything perfect.
Indications are very good, but again, please remember that nothing is set in stone until a formal contract is reached.

Thank you to Mayowa Folorunso for sharing the story with me!


  1. I know it will come back. You can't keep a good show like that off air. Just have patience :) even if it doesn't, it may get a reboot, like Teen Titans or Batman.

  2. It's true #Heroes Never Die ^_^


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