March 22, 2013

Speeches From The YJ & GLTAS Producers

At the DC Nation fan meet up Green Lantern: The Animated Series Producers Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe along with Young Justice Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti thank everyone that watched and supported their respective shows.


  1. I am known as "Bananaramatube" on Youtube and I feel for your loss of Young Justice. If it makes you people feel better, here's 19 episode names I've come up with for Young Justice for those who miss the show greatly. I'll let you people come up with whatever plots (crossover or not) that you wish to see happen!

    47 Nantucket Sleighride

    48 The Cat Grant Affair

    49 The Flight of Progress

    50 Batman's Burger's

    51 The Snowman

    52 Suburban Heartbeat

    53 To Tell The Truth

    54 Casino Moloch

    55 What Were You Doing In Dakota City When the Lights Went Off?

    56 Behind the Puck

    57 Fighting Street

    58 Showdown of the Superstars

    59 ...Or Forever Hold Their Peace

    60 The Supermodel

    61 And Now the Weather

    62 Gordon Gate

    63 Firecracker

    64 Stalling For Time

    65 The Ultimate Battle

    1. While these are OK, they're not the type of episode names that would go on YJ. It's usually just one word or two.

    2. And that's the problem, those titles are too bland and generic to be good (at least they are not stupid like Totally Spies). When I was watching the episode "Complications" a few weeks ago, throughout the episode, I'm thinking "They should have called this episode Undersea Urgency". And that's not the only time it was like that. Other examples include:

      War=Menace from Space

      Darkest=Assault On Mount Justice

      Before the Dawn=Battle Beneath the Waves

      Summit=Clash of the Superpowers

      Humanity=Hot Enough For You?

      Homefront=The Courage Within

      Terrors=Deep Cover

      Alienated=Duel in Paradise

      And that's just off of the top of my head! There's probably dozen of others I can think of as well! Point being, these mostly one or two word episode names are terrible. The 2001-2006 Justice League titles had better and more innovative names than Young Justice!


    3. Hmmm...let me try one.

      Batman's Burger's

      Bruce Wayne and a bunch of celebrities open up a new burger restaurant in Gotham, which is the first of many that they plan to franchise. But people begin to get sick from the burgers which turns out to be made from Martian meat instead of cattle, leading to the arrest of Bruce and the celebs. Miss Martian does not take this very well.

      At the lie detector test, a technician working for the Joker rigs the lie detector when Bruce's turn comes up. Everybody is in shock! After reading his mind, Martian Manhunter and B'arzz O'oomm feel betrayed. The two green Martians order Commissioner Gordon to have Bruce completely chained and to drug him, with the dosage renewed every three hours to keep him dormant! Gordon agrees to this.

      Nightwing does not bye into any of this, suggesting that somebody has implanted false thoughts into his mind and the lie detector rigged. Only problem, nobody believes a word Nightwing has said (including the other celebrities involved in the restaurant). Nightwing decides to take matters into his own hands.



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