March 18, 2013

Take The Young Justice Survey!

Christopher Jones's Web Minion posted on her tumblr a Young Justice Survey. I don't know too much on what this survey means or what they'll do with the results BUT here is what Web Minion wrote:

Hello Young Justice fans! 
While I can’t tell you what this is about yet, I can tell you some heavy hitters of the Young Justice creative team will see your answers.
Do your best answer all of these questions as truthfully/honestly as possible. It is very important that we gather accurate data, and your answers will not hurt anybody’s feelings. In fact, the more brutally honest you are, the better.
Please spread this survey far & wide. Certainly, reblog, retweet, and share it! Also, personally ask each of your friends in the Young Justice fandom to come here and fill it out. The success of this kind of thing hinges on collecting as much data as possible, and a personal endorsement goes a long way to help with that goal! :)

Sound pretty cool though! I've already taken the survey and if you would like too also Click here to take the survey!

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