March 12, 2013

Finale Interview With Young Justice Producer conducted an interview with Young Justice producer Greg Weisman about his thoughts on the final season! In the interview Weisman talks about his and other Young Justice Producer Brandon Vietti's process throughout the two seasons, his feelings about the show ending, and he also answers some popular questions fans been wanting to know!

Here is an excerpt from the interview:
WF: You've said before the theme of Young Justice is "secrets and lies". During “Invasion”, we've seen some members of the original team graduate from concealing their insecurities to hiding truths from each other and even conspiracies amongst themselves, seemingly in contrast to the Justice League. How do you view the way the original team members have grown up, and what type of lessons do you think can be taken from the “secrets and lies” seen throughout the series?
GW: I think they've grown up in a dangerous business, and it's infected who they are and how they deal with even their best friends like a disease. I think we've demonstrated over and over that secrets almost always come out. Lies almost always are exposed. But that doesn't mean they don't have uses. The fact is, if you're going on a covert op, it makes sense to tell as few people as possible, to limit one's exposure, so to speak. But that needs to be balanced with other factors. Still, in everyday life, it seems pretty clear that honesty is the best policy. Anything else is just too darned... exhausting.

WF: Ultimately, what is the one thing above all else that you hope viewers will take away from Young Justice overall?
GW: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT. Kidding, kidding. Mostly, I just hope that the characters meant something to them. That they felt real. Not perfect. Real.

If you would like to read more of this brilliant interview, click here!

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