March 16, 2013

Wally West aka Kid Flash

I put my lighter up in honor of Wally West aka Kid Flash. A true hero.


  1. I haven't seen the new episode yet!! This is suspenseful!

  2. RIP Wally West! We love you so much!

  3. I know that he will come back. You just can't kill someone. Espcially if that person founded the team in the first place.

  4. Wally must have just gotten sucked into the speed force they can't kill him because they would be devieating from the original comics he is ultimately suppose to be the flash and bart allen is suppose to be KF he'll be back because his destiny holds greater stuff for him. And also young justice has ended on a cliff hanger so there is hope for a revival somtime in the future so we need to keep our hopes high and our fingers crossed.

  5. I do not smoke yet ( raise a lighter for Wally, we will never forget you or Young Justice, and shall we forever stay whelmed and remember to feel the aster :')

  6. KFArtyLoverMarch 17, 2013

    Wally has to come back! He has to be in the Speed Force or something, please, he can't be dead. T_T

  7. Blue Beetle's scarab said that he would cease… never cease to exist. ;)

  8. He's not dead, everyone I've talked to on the fanfiction forums have agreed that the speed force will bring him back.
    Until then, we mourn.
    He was on the omega squad when he last kissed Artemis, and died in the same place she did in the first season. Anyone else think this is the saddest thing ever?

    An inspiring fanfic to tell us we need to get him back:

  9. ...not to crush hopes and dreams (mine included) but Greg states that there is no speed force on earth 16
    As for the whole devatIng from the original comics thing (while this is a great argument) has already happened multiple times in this show
    1. In comics are great Artemis is a bad guy
    2. Kaldur doesn't even exist in the comics
    3. Bart Allen is not from a horrible terrible future
    4. I don't think that Roy Harper was ever cloned in the comics
    And ya I've got more
    However I agree with all of u guys there is no way that wally was truly killed off, at least it's not very Likely


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