May 7, 2012

More Heroes And Villains Revealed For Young Justice: Legacy

On the Young Justice: Legacy facebook page, a challenged was posted to see if the page could more than 750 likes. Well the goal was reached and surpassed in 24 hours and because of that the rest of heroes and the villains (expect one) was revealed. The reason the the last villain is being kept a secret is because the character plays a huge role in the game. Any thoughts on who it might be?

Right now Young Justice: Legacy facebook page is doing a poll about What would you like to see most for the upcoming Young Justice video game? To vote on this poll and be directed to Young Justice: Legacy facebook page click here and click here to go to the official website of the game.

Thanks to Juan M. for sharing the info with me!


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    It was said that the final villain was created for the game, which means they're either original, or it's a DC character that was just adapted into into Earth-16 specifically for the game not the TV series. Given the possibility that the character is entirely new, it would be impossible to guess who it is.

  2. HEY! Artemis, KF and Aqualad are here! I'm kind hopefully now! I wanna play with Klarion, MM and Zatanna! BB seems interesting too! In Teen Titans game he was so cool! Thanx Kendra! XD


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