May 6, 2012

Young Justice DVD Contest For Artists!

The website The Aquaman Shrine is holding an art contest and the winner is given the prize of the Young Justice Season One: Volume Three DVD. The DVD has episodes "Bereft", "Targets", "Terrors", and "Homefront". Here is the rules for the contest from The Aquaman Shrine:
This time, we're leaning on the amazing number of talented artists we have out there, and asking contest entrants to simply draw, paint, or sculpt(!) a pin-up of the show's resident Aqualad, aka Kaldur. It can be any size, any medium, and feature any of the Aqua-Family or Young Justice team--but it's gotta feature Aqualad in some way!
The contest ends on May 20th, Sunday, at 11pm. The email to submit your art work is on the website and more information about the contest is too on the website:

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