December 26, 2011

'World's Finest' interview with Greg Weisman (Producer)

The website World's Finest Online interview Young Justice producer Greg Weisman about the future of the Young Justice and an overview of the past year. I recommend reading the interview since it gives us more information about Young Justice. I wanted to post my favorite part of the interview below. "WF" is the interviewer and "GW" is Greg:
WF: To wrap things up, we're all looking ahead now to 2012. Can you tease any tales that will appearing in both the comic and cartoon? Also, is there any way we can encourage more viewers of the Young Justice cartoon to pick up the book?
GW: Well, we've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up, including Ra's, Talia, Clayface, Ocean-Master, King Shark, Kobra, a return to Atlantis, an introduction to Aqualad's parents, mentor/protege action with Green Arrow, Flash and Batman - and much, much more.
As for attracting more viewers to the comic, I'm all for it. How can I help? [smiles] 

 I'm so excited to see in the show Aqualad's parents and mentor/protege interactions (especially The Arrows and The Flashes). Click here to read the rest of the interview by World's Finest Online! A big thanks to Juan M. for pointing me to the interview!


  1. Oh, that's so cool! I really need start to read the comics!... I'm felling so lost!! And I wanna see Aqualad parents too, they seem interesting. Mentor/Protege interactions!... This can be really fun! Superman-Superboy needs more atention XD

  2. Oh it would be so awesome if their was Superman and Superboy time! I would be soo happy!

  3. I think everybody does!!! XD

  4. I hope they have some Clark/Conner moments soon, Superman reputation is suffering.

  5. I wish they would do a flashback and tell us what was said is the conversation Superman had with Wonder Woman at the end of the 2nd episode.


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