December 27, 2011

No New Episodes In January

There will be no new episodes in January 2012. Teletoon, a network in Canada, will air "Alpha Male" on January 6th.

Information provided by World's Finest Online


  1. God why meee?! D: I'd hoped for new episodes due to my birthday being in January >.< Oh well... There's nothing I can do but wait and wait and... wait. Thanks for the information, Kendra! :D

  2. When's your birthday?!
    Your welcome! I love giving out the info.

  3. Aw D:
    I was hoping they'd bring them back starting 2012. I guess they're really running through EVERY aired episode before getting to the new ones... :(
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for February, though.
    Thanks for the update! ^^

  4. I agree, CN might just be be waiting to re-show all the old episodes. I really hope new episodes show in Feb. too! And your welcome :)!

  5. Well, I have to say, this is not what I was expecting as birthday present today!... lol ! I think I'm gonna do a little marathon of the episodes today, just for celebrate lol!! I hope we have new episodes in February, I just can't wait more!!! KixKix

  6. Renan,
    Happy Birthday! Oh yes a Young Justice marathon is what you should for you bday! I think i'll start watching the old episodes too.


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