December 23, 2011

Christmas/Xmas Special: Art

"Let's Sing The Christmas Song" created by DeviantART artist sanekkuburai. I love how each character is drawn, totally fits their personality. LOL at Dick! To see more art from sanekkuburai, click here to go to her DeviantArt profile.

"Steal A Christmas Kiss" made by =Eazy-M. Love this art piece too, I think their expressions are funny and cute. Check out more art from =Eazy-M by clicking here!

"Let It Snow" by DeviantART artist rhieme. The style of the drawing is what caught my attention. I really like  how the artist tied Young Justice and Christmas/Xmas together. To view more art from rhieme click here to go to her DeviantART homepage and click here also to go to her tumblr!

"dear lord ARROWS" created by DeviantART artist AntioxidantSuperhero. This is awesome, I love the way Red Arrow and Green Arrow look. And of course Black Canary looks wonderful. Click here to view more art. :)

"Artemis For Christmas" by DeviantART artist Gr33nGrap3. This is very beautiful and I love that the artist drew this, I haven't seen any other YJ art look like this, so very nice! Click your mouse here to go to her DeviantART profile to see more art.


  1. I love them all!! But my favorite is the second, with KF and Artemis. They look so happy, and in love!... <3

  2. And Merry Xtimas by the way!! *--*

  3. My favorite is the first and last one. And Merry Xtimas to you too!


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