December 12, 2011


If anyone has a YJ fanfic they wrote and would like it to be shared on YJ Cave, email me the link to your story at:

1. "Learn Some Respect" written by FanFiction writer alilloki.
Summary: Faced with the blatent disrepect by Roy at the Hall Oliver decides to set up an archery contest with strange consequences for the loser of each round. But will this break the new hero Red Arrow? (Adult Content/Slash/Yaio!)

Click here to read the story!

2. "Out of Reach" written by FanFiction writer MistressOfRobins.
Summary: Bruce didn't like it when his little bird went Trick or Treating for the first time. He liked his teenage boy going away on a party five years later even less. /Father&Son fluff.

If you would like to read the story click here!

3. "Boy Talk" written by FanFiction writer flowersun.
Summary: The day Wally confesses to Dick that he likes Artemis.

Click your mouse here to read this story!

4. "Of Bats and Robins" written by FanFiction writer Electric Ink.
Summary: Drabbles for DaddyBats and BabyRobin!

Tap the mouse here if you would like to read the fanfic!


  1. Thank you sooo very much for featuring 1 of my YJ stories! (the most graphic 1, lol) Proud to be on your blog.
    You're an awesome person, Kendra.

  2. Your welcome JO!


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