December 14, 2011

YJ Fans Cosplaying

"Laughing" by cosplayer =takinawa. Click here to see more Young Justice cosplay from =takinawa!

"Speedy" by cosplayer *Bookworm-animelover. To see more cosplay photos from *Bookworm-animelover, click here!

"Young Justice" by cosplayer ~iwantmyanime. If you would like to view more cosplay photos from ~iwantmyanime tap your mouse here!

"Closer Than You Think" by cosplayer *CourtoonXIII. Click here to look at more cosplay photos from *CourtoonXIII.

"YJ: Miss Martian III" by cosplayer *Aigue-Marine. Click here to view more photos from *Aigue-Marine.


  1. I just love it the cosplay of Miss Martian! The girl is really pretty, just like MM *--*

  2. I'm glad you like the cosplay photo!

  3. thats me as speedy. i have a young justice red arrow for this year's con season


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