December 23, 2011

New Polls Are Open For Voting

I love making polls and hopefully everyone enjoys voting on them. :) A lot of YJ fans voted on "What Would You Like More Of From YJ Cave?" and "Do You Want Zatanna To Join The Team?", which I would like to say thanks for voting on the questions!

The Results!For What Would You Like More Of From YJ Cave? 

YJ news came in first place with 62 votes (60%)
I'm satisfied with what is being posted is in second place with 32 votes (31%)
Interviews took third place with 31 votes (30%)
Fans' creations ended up in fouth place with 29 votes (28%)
Reviews ended up in fifth place with 15 votes (14%)
Other came in last place with 9 votes (8%)

For Do You Want Zatanna To Join The Team

Yes, she would make an awesome teammate took first place with 92 votes (65%)
No, the team would be better without her ended up in second place with 29 votes (20%)
I really don't care is last place with 20 votes (14%)

Two new polls are up for voting.

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