November 4, 2011

Young Justice FanFiction

I accept Young Justice fanfiction to be shared on YJ Cave, so if anyone would like to share their fan fic stories or a recommend a store contact me :] The four fanfiction stories down below are some of the stories I've read recently and really liked. If you like the stories too don't forget to review them and favorite the author on!

1.) "Because He's Batman" written by FanFiction writer Just Another Fanfiction Nerd.
Summary: Based on Aqualad's reason for Batman's awesomeness in Alpha Male Because Batman is...Batman.
Like to read this story? Then click here!

2.) "How to Love" written by FanFiction writer Sammy1792
Summary: Set right after Alpha Male. Aqualad is struggling with his role as leader when he gets an unexpected visitor. Kaldur/Artemis.
Click here to read the story!

3.) "Daddy Bats" written by FanFiction writer and that's all she wrote.
Summary: "Everyone knew that Robin and Batman, the Dynamic Duo, had a bond very few could challenge. But the true extent-how deep the connection went-was a little harder to define." :: Robin and Batman, son/father dynamic. Fluff.
Be directed to the story by clicking here!

4.) "Advice" written by FanFiction writer dublindarling.
Summary: Robin goes to Artemis for girl advice. Because you should just ignore whatever Wally has to say on the subject. Robin/Zatanna and slight Spitfire.
Interested in reading this Fanfic story? Then click here!

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