November 6, 2011

Young Justice Episode 16 Review


  1. o good i been waiting for your revierw :)

  2. yeah I thought I should do one, though I'm not really into it :/ lol I kept thinking about other things!

  3. I gotta say the footage of them being desintigrated was very awesome. You see the skeletons and all super cool. I know I'm demented.
    I thought the same that maybe this experiance will trigger a realization in Wally that he likes Art a lot more than just as an annoying team-mate. It's so cute their relationship. It's like on that kindergarden level where you put gum in the hair of the person you like-like, lol. There are always moments between the 2 that just let us know. Too bad Art didn't see how he reacted I bet she'd be surprised & see new feelings for him as well?

    I was intrigued by Robin's constant cool. It's flat out focused. Maybe bc he has nothing to lose or he's just that mature as a super hero, but his expressions are almost comical. Out of all the characters I want to believe his subconscious kept hold of this all being an exercise. There are subtle things that caught me throughout.

    Aqualad's sacrifice to me was predictable. He's just that noble of a guy. That's why like him he's just like a white knight. Then he does those low tone, sarcastic comments at times so he's not all serious all the time.

    *snickers* "Scream & rip his shirt off" He can never keep his shirt on. Not that anyone is complaining. . .
    M'Gann is a beast flat out & she doesn't even know it. Gives a new respect for her being so strong, but I'd like to see her losing & regaining control. Gives new meaning to "you always hurt the ones you love."

    You had asked me B4 who I thought would be the 1st to go? I have been obsessed w/it since the creators interview. But would you like to discuss it? I just have a lot to say on who, how, why, etc. & I don't want to overload it by rambling on atm, but if you'd like to we I'll be happy to share in a reply to this post.
    In short tho Art being the 1st in this ep. not surprising to me, but I still love her.



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