November 3, 2011

Young Justice Updates from Producer Greg Weisman

These updates are from his website Ask Greg. On Ask Greg, you can also ask hims questions about Young Justice and other shows he has done. Click here to go to Greg's website.

YJ Update
101-115 have aired.
116-125 are all in the can, ready to air.126 is in post-production.
201-206 are being animated in Korea.
207-209 are recorded and are in storyboard and design.
210-211 are partially recorded and are in storyboard and design.
212 has a first draft script waiting for notes.
213 has an outline approved waiting for me to script.
214 has an outline that I should finish editing tonight.
215 has an outline waiting for me to read and edit.
216-220 are all in outline based on approved beatsheets.
0-9 have all been on sale.
10 is shipped.
11 is being penciled.
12 is being penciled.
13 is scripted.
14 is in script.
15 has been plotted.

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