November 6, 2011

Cosplay: Young Justice style

"Fighting" by DeviantART cosplayer doudi. I really like the costumes and I think the concept of this photo is something Robin and Kid Flash would probably do ;) To see more cosplay photos from doudi, click here!

"NYCC11: Aqualad" by DeviantART cosplayer Destiny-Crisis. His cosplay version of Aqualad is awesome! The weapons look really good and the tattoos look great too! Check out more of Destiny-Crisis' cosplay photos by clicking here!

"Best Buds" by DeviantART cosplayer ritsuko-chan. Who doesn't love bromance between Rob and KF? I know I do :) ritsuko-chan and her friend did great job cosplaying Robin and Kid Flash! To view more cosplay photos from ritsuko-chan click here!

"Young Justice" by cosplayer innovators. Love this picture, everyone's costumes look awesome. Plus I like the way they standing and how the photo is edited! Click here to see/view more cosplays from innovators!

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