November 21, 2011

If Superboy and Superman went to The Maury Show

Here's another video from the hilarious Young Justice fan Krissy Kriss. His YouTube video "Let's Talk Young Justice Superman & Superboy Go To The Maury Show" is freaking funny and I know every will love it!

Oh for some who don't know what The Maury Show is, it's a talk show that mainly focuses on people trying to find out who is the father to their child and or family member.

Krissy Kriss has more YouTube videos on Young Justice, click here to go to his YouTube channel.


  1. Krissy KrissNovember 21, 2011

    thank you Kendra :D

  2. wow! Man, you're really funny!! Nice video dude! I'm gonna see the others right now! XD

  3. :D I'm glad you enjoyed his video!

  4. How can I not enjoy the video?! The guy is great!! I loved the "true" conversation of Superman and Green Arrow, that was hilarious! XD

  5. ahaha I agree that was funny :) I also liked his impersonation of MM!

  6. Krissy KrissNovember 22, 2011

    thank you Renan Ferreira im glad u like the video bc it took me a long time to do this video and not laugh on cam lol

  7. You're welcome, dude!! You are really good, your videos are great! And when you're good, must be recognized!! XD

  8. OMFG, just, rotflmao!
    Laughing so hard, ikdy, but sides were splitting. This guy is hilarious! I love what he comes up w/at 3am!
    That Batman voice & testimony...just thinking about it has me laughin again.
    Only sry I didn't check this out sooner. Will go to his page & compliment this!
    "They got the same face!"


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