November 19, 2011

Episode 18 "Secrets" Review

I just watched the episode because I was out last night and the whole time I was thinking that we're finally going to find out some secrets about the team members. Though no one's past came up, we did get to see new characters, action scenes, and new possibilities.

The beginning scene was very interesting, the audience was introduced to the new villain Harm. To me Harm didn't look scary, he just looked like he too was dressing up for Halloween lol. Plus the whole "third point of view speaking" he was very....non scary for me. But he was an interesting character and I wondered how Artemis and Zatanna was going to defeat him. Also thanks to YJ fan Kayla G. I would of never known he was quoting Beowulf and I studied Beowulf in my British Literature class and still didn't recognize it lol I'm not surprised though, I hated that class :p

The next scene with Wally, Conner, and Megan getting ready for the Halloween party at Happy Harbor High was my most favorite scene. I loved Wally's costume, I thought he did good as Teen Wolf! Megan's costume was a duh lol she would dress like bride, but hey at least she was a zombie bride. Now Conner's costume was hilarious ahaha poor Conner. I thought it was cute when Megan was dressing him as a mummy <3 Which reminds me of Zatanna and Artemis' costumes, I liked Artemis' costume, the vampire look was not what I expected from her, but Zatanna's costume was predictable, she was a witch right?

Now I became confused during the scene when Zatanna asks Artemis if SuperMartian were a couple. Artemis says no but then sees them flirting with each other, she then gets upset. Does Artemis like Conner? Or she is pissed that Megan didn't tell her? My dad told me maybe it's because Artemis likes Megan....but I don't think Cartoon Network would allow a lesbian couple to be shown on their network. So I think it's either the first two options and hopefully Artemis is mad that Megan didn't tell her because I want Artemis to like Wally <3

Oh and before I forget I felt bad for Captain Marvel lol he's always left out!

I want to write about the scene with Batman, Robin, Aqualad, Red Arrow, and Red Tornado. I'm happy they are trying to find out who is the mole and let out the bag that Artemis isn't Green Arrow's niece.  Batman thinks Superboy might be the mole because no one really knows what happened to SB when he was in Cadmus. I do somewhat agree that SB could be the possible mole and  be giving out info without even knowing it but I'm hoping that's not true. Red Arrow was suspicious of Artemis because of her mysterious past and I think he also was suspicious of Miss Martian. When we all heard more about Miss M's past, like how she only met Martian Manhunter 5 months before she came to Earth and that Martian Manhunter has a lot of nieces and nephews, I kind of felt like maybe she had the more possibilities of being the mole but then again she's so nice and good it's really hard to figure if she's the mole or not. Aqualad and Robin seemed distraught over the whole thing and I like that Aqualad was sticking up for the team!

The fighting with Harm, Artemis, and Zatanna was fun to watch :] I really like Artemis, I feel with her character fans can relate to her and plus she's bad ass! Zatanna needs a lot of more practiced in my opinion, I felt like Artemis had to really take control but I do like Zatanna :) I wonder if Robin knew she was around the cave? Though I don't think Harm was a scary villain, his background or past was crazy! Like I can't believe the girl who kept saying "secret" was his sister. That was surely a twist at the end. You know I change my mind, Harm is a scary villain, especially since he did some psychotic shit and killed his own sister. Towards the end after Zatanna and Artemis defeated Harm and promised the ghost girl that they would give her a proper burial, Artemis almost slipped when talking about sisters and how Harm killed his sis, and she seemed very distraught, obviously she was thinking about Cheshire and I think Artemis really cares for her. I was hoping Artemis would open up to Zatanna and Zatanna knew Artemis was lying when she said she didn't have any secrets but I guess we'll just have to wait till Artemis wants to tell about her life. I do think Zatanna and Artemis are going to become a great friends!

Episode 18 was very interesting! Some of my predictions were wrong and some were right but overall there was a lot I didn't expect to happen. What are everyone else's thoughts on this episode? Write them down in the comment section. :]


  1. This episode was interesting to me. I thought we would learn more about Artimus' past, but I was wrong =P

    It was cool seeing her & Zatanna work together as a team. I agree with you about Harm not being scary, unless he faced an English teacher because they would be terrified with his 3rd person speech lol

    All in all it was an ok episode in my opinion. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

  2. I too thought we would learn more about Artemis, I will admit that I was dissapointed that she didn't open up!

    ahaha an English teacher would be scared :p Harm was more of an annoyance than a scary villian. I would so totally want to beat him up if he kept talking to me like that ahaha!

    I really liked Zatanna and Artemis has a fighting duo, they balance each other <3

  3. For me, the episode was just "ok", nothing else. I was really disappointed that the Artemis past was not in the episode, I really wanna know more about her!... And Zatanna have to learn more spells!!! Because, come on girl, you're not that strong! But I really enjoyed the partnership of them!

    Now, about SuperMartian, I felt bad for Artemis because she was very disappointed with Megan. I think that she consider Megan like her BFF, and the fact that she hid her relationship with Conner really hurt Artemis... And I wanna see Artemis with Wally too! They're so cute together, they're like Yin-Yang (but I don't know who is who in this analogy!)

    The party was really fun, and Wally was cute as Teen Wolf! Do you guys already noted that girl from the Bumblebees? She seems like the Bee from Teen Titans!! I thought that Harm was more scary than that, but he's just a crazy guy who killed his own sister (I felt bad for her, but Artemis and Zatanna revenge her, so I'm hapy now!) And I was happy that Artemis and Zatanna could beat him.

    And for last, I think I 'm in love with Kaldur! Do you saw, he defends his Team! He is my favorite (him, Superboy and Artemis, of course!). I'll hope that Kaldur is right, I really hope that none of them (YJ guys) is the mole...

    Well, that is my opinion about the episode! And before I forget, it would be amazing have a lesbian couple in the show, but is Cartoon Network so, never gonna happen!... kisskiss

  4. While Earth-16 (Young Justice's universe) is not the comics universe, there are some things you can see at the comics:
    1- Secret ( was killed by his brother, Harm (, then she was turned into a ghost (yes, it is almost the same plot from the comics, but at the comics Secret is rescued by Superboy, Robin and Impulse);
    2- Miss martian is a white martian in DC's comics (Young Justice can follow the same plot...);
    3- Renan Ferreira wrote "Do you guys already noted that girl from the Bumblebees? She seems like the Bee from Teen Titans!!" Well, maybe because Karen Beecher for Earth-16 (the girl using Bumblebee's costume) is the super-hero Bumblebee in DC's comics ( And the guy using DC's comics Superboy constume is Mal Ducan (aka, Herald, you see him too at Teen Titans). And Barbara from Robin's school is Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. So, too much guys and gals can join "the Team" sooner or later...

  5. i'm neganick from youtube (i didn't like being listed as anonymous) i loved this epsiode, because harm was my favorite villan from the few young justice comics i read. although i wish they had devloped secret as a character more, and had her join the team like in the comics. although this could never happen on cartoon network, i also would have liked to have seen harm meet his end by being shot by his dad like in the comics! i also loved seeing megan use her shapeshifting powers to mess with people like i would if i had them! this was probably my favorite epsiode, this series just keeps getting better. i hope you do make a video review for this epsiode!

  6. Hey, any of you guys know when the next episode come out? I didn't find anything about it...

  7. I read the next episode won't air for another 2 weeks. :(

  8. I kinda didn't like that episode....Megan's way too sweet to be a mole.....I do not like megan and Conner as a and my sister create a guy just for her. his name is Jacob.....a wizard. Conner could be the mole.....they could have put a microchip in wouldn't come back on for 2 weeks!!!! Now I'm sad

  9. What?? 2 weeks? That's horrible, I'm gonna die of curiosity!! I wanna know what come next, what will happen with them!! Now I'm sad... :'(

  10. I agree that it's possible Conner could be the mole. It was Batman's idea that it could be Conner and everyone knows Batman's ideas are somewhat on point ;)

    I don't know if two weeks is exact cus I read it on the another website but I'm disspointed about it too!

  11. Artemis was hinted to have a crush on Superboy in episodes 6 & 7, when she said "Mmm, that boy" and when she tried to convince Miss Martian that she should date Aqualad (leaving Superboy single).

    I thought Artemis had either gotten over her crush or decided to back-off because Miss Martian was her friend. And I was sure Artemis was observant enough to figure out they were dating by now. I was shocked when she was revealed to be just as much in the dark as Kid Flash in the matter.

  12. That's so true, I forgot all about what happened in episode 6 & 7! Hmm I'm very curious about how Artemis reacts towards SB and MM now.

  13. Oh no! Artemis can't like Superboy! He belongs to Megan and Artemis belongs to Wally (lol)!! But if that happen, it will be sad to her... I hope that we're all wrong about this... :(

  14. I Think Artemis is the Mole

  15. Got a lot to say about this ep. n stuff. Wanted to comment day of, but been distracted so better late than never, right? (had to cut in 2 comments, sry)

    Agreed loved KF as Teen Wolf. Should've expected he'd pick a pop culture character. His character is so much fun, bc he really is himself. Only thing he's denying is his softer side for Art ^.~
    M'Gann & Conner go so good together. When SB rolled his eyes at KF & M'Gann defended that fact she invited the WHOLE team it's good to see they're starting to define lines in how much he hits on M'Gann. It's funny, but girl gotta stand up for herself if she's not for it.
    Yeah, even if a small part, typical costumes. Art made a sexy vamp, but sadly I thought Zatanna would have an awesome costume. She can change her look w/a single spell, c'mon girl! Use some imagination! Greatly disappointed not to see Robin in a costume. He's so cute most of the time I'd like to see what his creative lil mind produces. Of course Zatanna could be wearing a plastic bag & he'd still be distracted by her, tee-hee.

    They won't drop the mole so theres gotta be a mole. I'd like to see Red Arrow in more eps, but that's due to personal preferences (smexy & he knows it). He's so angry about everything! Why? LOL. Also Aqualads trust in his team members would better serve to keep them united, but also may blind him & cost him in the end if there is a mole. Batman said what I wondered about. SB really could be the mole & not know it. As for M'Gann she could be his niece (damn they repopulate like crazy I'd be afraid of dating a cousin, lol).
    Her turning "white" reaction created an idea to me that maybe she's hiding a lot more than she lets on. Maybe she is a white alien pretending to be green? Wouldn't that be strange if the white minority had 1 who was more powerful than a green? It would create such a social uprising on Mars. Really doubt it, but wanted to share.

    Artemis angry is fun to watch. "You know there was an easier way to stop them." But as theraputic Zatanna, duh. Her being mad about Conner & M'Gann is odd. I do think it may be a mix between her crushing on SB & M'Gann despite calling Art her sis didn't confide they were dating. I think if they talk about it she'll be happy for M'Gann. Hope nobody lets Wally know he was the last to know. Who knows how hurt he'd be by it? It's a bit hypocritical that Art could get mad or jealous at this being as she's keeping serious secrets yet she uses this as more reason to shut herself off.
    At 1st I was definatley not a Zatanna fan, bc it was like she's too confident for her britches but after this ep. I like her a lot more. She was useful time to time, but her hand to hand sux which is good to know she's not perfect & has limits as each character is. Her manners towards Secret were so hot & cold brat tossed the picture on the bed. Could've at least set it back down, LOL. Seriously, she's a good friend. She found a way to reach out to Art & kept never gave up on being a shoulder for her. Though Art didn't show but a crack I believe Zat sees more about her than the others do. If Art's past is revealed I know Zat wouldn't turn her back on her. Seems she'd want to be there for her. Only reason I don't see her being a perminent member is her dad's hesitence & her common sense is too good. She isn't fighting any inner demons nor has a dark/sad past. Isn't arguementive or eager to please or immature. It's hard to explain, but she doesn't ring in complicated plotlines like the others. She'd be part of it, but not a central focus. (no one bite me for this opinion it's just how I see it)

  16. Harm=epic fail in my book. When they said a psychopath in training I was hoping for some freaky freak. He was smart & strong due to the sword, but the 3rd person thing drives me nuts. So glad Art made fun of that. Typically the good guys just let that keep going. "Your name is Harm. We get it!" So happy she kicked his arse in the end! Shut him up!
    They way they've got it set up it's as if everyone but Caldur is coupled up. Not sure where they're going w/it or it's just for fandom. Superheros seem to have a hard time dating so maybe this is to create teenage tension in future eps? Like some relationships may seriously or never develop from. Maybe it's just to keep us all tuned in to see if it'll ever happen, huh? If anyone is killed off like Art (Arrowette is killed off in the original) if Wally never tells her how he feels that would stay w/him forever. I don't know if Art feels the same, but she has to be afraid of judgement so I can see how Wally would scare her. If she knew he'd accept her I bet they could be together.

    I have to put this out there, been wishing this for a while, but I want to see Wondergirl (since they got the greenlight to have her unlike when they started). Like is she ignorant of the ways of the outside world as Wonderwoman was or run around in a skimpy costume? Would she be tomboy-ish? Stubborn? Even sexist? There are so many possibilities w/her, but I'm afraid they'd have to kill off a character to bring her in...

  17. Jo,

    I always love your comments! You should be one of the reviewers for this blog! I think you're great at explaining your opinions :) I agree with pretty much everything you wrote! I will say that "Secrets" was one of my least favorite episodes.

  18. Really? A reviewer for this blog?
    That sounds really awesome! I would be proud to help & pitch in anywhere I can. I always end up saying so much I feel I'm being obnoxious, but I do love the show so much I can't shut up. Just ask my BF, lol! But he's always been a DC fan even before me so whenever I have questions on characters or plot I can go to him just like you get to go to your dad. It's cool to have something fun in common.

    Only 1 do I go about being a reviewer? (sry I'm a newb) Do I need my own blog or just keep posting long comments here? (lol) Or should I email you to ask about this?

  19. Lol you're not being obnoxious! I rather have people write a lot on the blog posts then not write at all! :D

    Yeah it's great to have someone around that has a lot of knowledge with DC comics cus some stuff I'm like....WHAT? lol so my dad has to break-it-down for me! It's so cool that your bf knows about DC comics too :) You two must always talk about DC comics stuff! lol!

    Well I'm glad your interested in helping me out and contributing to YJ CAVE <3! Well you would just email me you write (you can write in the email or on a word document and just attach it to the email) and I would post what you wrote on YJ Cave. Everyone would know you wrote it cus your name would be on it and stuff. I would never take credit for someone else's stuff. But you can email me so we can talk more about it.

    Which reminds me, didn't you email earlier about your fanfiction stories? I wanted to post them but you never emailed back....unless that was someone else that emailed me. lol i don't remember who emailed me lol.


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