November 22, 2011

8 Episodes Left!

There are 8 episodes left for Season 1 of Young Justice. The next episodes are:

  • "Misplaced" (ep. 19)
  • "Coldhearted" (ep.20)
  • "Image" (ep.21)
  • "Agendas" (ep.22)
  • "Insecurity" (ep.23)
  • "Performance" (ep.24)
  • "Usual Suspects" (ep.25)
  • "Auld Acquaintance" (ep.26)

I don't know when exactly the new episode will air ("Misplaced"), On the Internet I did come across this comment on another website that said it won't air till 2 weeks! Hopefully that's not true, but I'll keep looking for an airing date.

What do you all think about the next 8 episodes? Any ideas on what might happen based off the title?


  1. wow...i hope when these run out, we wont have to wait half a year for season 2 to start. i think since they have focused a lot on artemis and superboy, those will be concluded and resolved and since some things are going weird with MM, the season finale will involve her.

  2. Some things:
    1- the indentity of the mole will be reavealed;
    2- Artemis relationship to 3 supervilains will be revealed (his mother, Sportsmaster and Cheshire);
    3- Artemis will have a mortal combat with his sister or/and his father;
    4- Zatanna joins the Team;
    5- Secrets join the Team close to the end of first season;
    5-Batman knows there is the Light organization because he is Batman, so he don't get mislead by the Unjustice League;
    6- Batman have a secret plan to deal with the Light.

    But I have no idea how that fit teh episodes names.

  3. From the sound of the title 'coldhearted' (in my mind) it could mean the return of Icicle Jr. or one of the other ice villains OR it could mean something about not forgiving someone. This is just my thoughts though I could be totally off. I thought 'secrets' was going to be about the secrets of the team members till I read the summery.

  4. I think with "Coldhearted" Wally and Artemis might be the focus, maybe he'll get to know her(Artemis') past. And I'm also excited to see "Usual Suspects", probably has to do with who is the mole.

  5. I'm pretty sure in an earlier interview (I can't find the post now D:), Greg said episode 20-something was going to be about Robin's past.

    By the sound of the titles, I feel like it might be Ep. 24. The whole "Performance" thing just sounds like the circus or something.

    I could be wrong, but I'm hoping I'm right, because I really want there to be a Robin's past episode Dx

    And also one of them is probably going to be Kaldur passing the mantle to Robin. I know in an interview Jessie McCartany said it was early, but I'm not sure which episode it will be...

  6. CatherineK,

    That would be awesome if there was an episode about Robin's past. I actually been wanting to see an episode focus on that! So hopefully that comes soon.

    You're probably right with ep.24, it goes with the whole theme of Robin's past.

    I hope Kaldur is the leader for atleast the rest of this season! I like him as a leader <3!

  7. I had seen the list of episodes remaining, with the confirmation of twenty episodes for the second season!

    I'm dying of curiosity about the episode "Coldhearted" and I hope you are right Kendra, I really wanna see Wally discover about Artemis past, and his reaction. And Zatanna joining the team would be perfect! The Team need a magical member!!

    Know about Robins past could be nice, I like him!... They won't defeat Light yet, I think that the new season is gonna be about this. The name of the new season will be: Young Justice: Invasion. So, we just can wait to see what gonna happen!...

  8. God, I can't WAIT if there is gonna be an episode about Robin's past. Honestly, he and Wally need more screentime and I'm not saying that because they are my favourite characters, but I feel they have been left out.

    Kaldur got a whole episode that focused mainly on him, as well as the constant screen time due to him being the leader. Superboy and his daddy issues as well as his relationship with M'gann has gotten a LOT of screen time too and same with Artemis' past and M'gann has been focused on a lot togther with Superboy.

    So really, Wally and Robin NEED MORE EPISODES where they get focused on D: I'm still not over the fact that the only episode where Wally was mainly in the center of things Robin was not PRESENT. Grrrr....

    Oh well, I just checked Cartoon Network's schedule this Friday and I saw no Young Justice T.T I guess that means there won't be an episode this friday D: D: I don't see why though. Thundercats and Star Wars the Clone Wards are airing the same time they always do... Oh well...

    I look forward to more episodes anyhow! :D Young Justice for life <3

  9. MoR,

    I would love for Robin and KF to get more episodes focused on them. I want to see how the creative team depcit's Robin's past. Plus I think seeing Wally's past would be entertaining too! I want MM to get more attention on her life than always being linked to SB, I want to learn more about her.

    UGH, so no YJ episodes this week? That sucks :/ oh well I guess we have to wait, we've done it before lol.

  10. I think Coldhearted will be about Superboy and his daddy problems and Icicle Jr. returns with his daddy issues too.

  11. That's a good one, I hope the show deals with SB and SM soon! I do wonder if Icicle Jr. will make another appereance. But I'm really hoping for some SB and SM interaction :D

  12. Usually the titles indicate the greater message or theme of the ep. So this is generally as I see it, probably wrong, bc they manage to slip some pretty cool suprises in there.

    "Misplaced" a member of the team gets kidnapped or lost on a mission so they have to find a way back to one another. It would be kinda silly if this was a literal misplacement of a weapon or something & they have to retrieve it.
    "Coldhearted" Oh, totally agree w/kendra that the 1st thought in my head was Artemis. It's gotta be about her. But then again the team has issues w/being as cold & professional as the JL so maybe they come across a villian or situation they can't close their hearts to?
    "Image" they all keep perfect images of the super heros they wish to be. That's a lot of pressure. I gotta go w/whoever is projecting the person they think everyone wants to see. M'Gann comes to mind, bc she has to keep training w/her uncle & maybe her inner fears start to manifest outside.
    "Agendas" the re-opening of the so called "mole". Yet also maybe another huge sceme by The Light in order to take the next step in their global domination.
    "Performance" Aqualad could still be questioning his position as leader since he sees himself as a "soldier" more so than a leader. Or the team isn't up to it's potential? Heck, it could be members going undercover for a show in order to protect someone (wishful thinking on something silly & out of character) At the same time this could be leading up to mistrust among the team as to who is putting on airs & who is a real member hence the next ep.
    "Usual Suspects" again 1st thought=the mole situation. Since they haven't let the suspicions die despite their not being any action in previous ep. Or they've found out about the organization of The Light & try to identify the members which is the already captured Injustice League.
    "Auld" is Scottish = old: so definately someone from the past or who is quite old being the reason for a mission. Hope it's not a time travel ep. those paradoxes create some confusion in my brain. Makes it go "" lol I'd enjoy it either way.


  13. Episode 22 will deal directly with Batman putting a 13 year old Robin into a life of crime fighting.

  14. That's possible! That would be a good episode!

  15. Am I the only who thinks Zatanna (sp) is the mole?? She doesn't have a "pure heart" accordinging to Harm because she couldn't hold the sword. Also, the problems begin arising AFTER she visited. And in that episode she was digging for information about Artemis, as well as the other team members in other episodes, without establishes a good background.

  16. Didn't an interview with the writers say that Around the 20s they would talk about why Batman had Robin out there at such a young age- like why Bats said he did it.

  17. I wa told Misplaced was going to air Dec. 9th

  18. Liz,
    Idk I haven't seen that interview. If you can find it and give me the link I could post it on the blog so everyone can watch it :)

    And really on the DEC.9th? On CN it's written the "Targets" will air, hm I'll have to do some more research!

  19. Yeah i also heard misplaced was going to air dec9


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