November 7, 2011

Another "Failsafe" review

Young Justice fan Krissy Kriss did a review for "Failsafe". Let me tell you, this is such a hilarious and awesome review! I loved it so I had to share it on the blog :] Krissy Kriss does other reviews on his YouTube channel TheSirkShow247. Click here to go to his channel and see/watch the reviews! This is a must watch!

Also I would like to write that if anyone does a written and/or video review and would like to share it on YJ Cave, contact me and I'll put it up.


  1. Krissy KrissNovember 07, 2011

    thank you for putting this on your site :-)

  2. Loving the REVIEW!!!!! xx

    Keep posting!! xx

    -Peppy Merlin

  3. Krissy Kriss,

    No problem ;) I really wanted to share it!

  4. Peppy Merlin,

    I'm glad you liked Krissy Kriss' review! Thanks for checking it out :)


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