November 23, 2011

YJ Fanfiction

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Stories I recommend reading:

1.) "L'Esprit de l'Escalier" written by FanFiction writer Satellites on Parade.
Summary: Artemis, trapped in the Helmet of Fate, has a little heart-to-heart with Kent Nelson. They both agree that Wally West is a complete idiot. Wally/Artemis
If you would like to read this story click here!

2.) "Anchor" written by FanFiction writer Shade's Ninde.
Summary: Kaldur keeps trying to sacrifice himself for his teammates. Not everyone is pleased with this.
Click here to read!

3.) "Comfort" written by FanFiction writer SaphiraIce.
Summary: Set at the end of "Failsafe," Wally needs to know Artemis is okWould you like to read this story? Then click here!

4.) "Breakaway" written by FanFiction writer Cloaks and Daggers.
Summary: Cheshire asks Artemis to meet her, and Artemis is quickly reminded that family is not just a matter of blood.
To read the story click here!


  1. OMG! Breakaway was amazing! They need to do something like that for real!

  2. Glad you liked it, that was one of my favorite stories! :) The story would make a good episode!


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