October 27, 2011

Young Justice DVD Season One: Volume Two - Now on Sale!

The new Young Justice Season One: Volume Two DVD is now on Sale (it hit stores yesterday). There are four episodes on the DVD which are "Schooled", "Infiltrator", "Denial", and "Downtime". The episodes are in English, French, and Spanish (subtitles are in English & Spanish). Don't forget you can buy the DVD online, just in case some stores don't sell it.

I'm wondering how everyone else feels about the new DVD? Does anyone feel like they rather wait till a DVD comes out with all the episodes or do you like getting the different volumes/DVDs? I personally don't mind but I'll probably buy the DVD with all of Season One's episodes. I do like the DVD cover :) though Miss Martian is missing....but she is on the back lol. Leave your thoughts on the new DVD in the comment section and if you buy the DVD lets us know how you like it! :)

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