October 27, 2011

Halloween Young Justice Pumpkin #2

Young Justice fan and DeviantART artist tydeerose also made a Young Justice pumpkin art! I love her take on the YJ pumpkin and each symbol looks great, she put a lot of hard work into making it :) If you would like to go to her DeviantART homepage click the link: http://tydeerose.deviantart.com/.

Do you have a Young Justice pumpkin and would like to share it on the blog, email me and I would love to post it!


  1. No episode? *cries* that was to be the highlight of my crappy day. NOOO!

    *Moving on*
    YJ fandom unite!
    Nice post of pumpkins! that's getting into the holiday spirit! Were You going to make 1, too? =.= I've never carved a pumpkin...

    I'd like to see a YJ Halloween ep. even tho their adventures can get pretty freaky! To see them in diff. costumes I'd be rolling!
    Here's a question for a Halloween blog:
    "What do you think each character would dress up as?"
    Already ideas swarming in my brain.
    Mmm, brains, lol.

    Or another question could be "What YJ character would you dress up as good or evil?"
    Good: Art or Robin
    Bad: Cheshire or the demon boy w/the cat (sry forgot his name)

    Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

  2. Hi ~jo,

    Yea YJ not showing is most def a bummer :/ Aw I hope you are having a better time!

    Yeah I thought I should celebrate the holiday spirit on the blog :) I actually carved a pumpkin today but it wasn't YJ, I carved a cat with bat wings with my mom :) <3

    There is going to be a Halloween episode! I think it's episode 18 and tomorrow I'll post the next three episodes summary. OMG it would be epic if all the YJ team dressed up for Halloween!

    Those great Halloween questions, I might post the questions on the blog on Halloween(Monday, I think)!

    Thanks for commenting ~jo


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