October 25, 2011

No new episode until November 4th

There will be no new episode till November 4th, which will be episode 16 "Failsafe". Cartoon Network is suppose to be showing "special programs" because of Halloween coming soon. But next week YJ will be back on track, no worries it won't be like last time where we don't get any episodes for months (I will never forget that lol!). Next week's episode will be about
The Justice League valiantly tries to defend against an alien invasion, but as the fierce invaders attack intensifies, the Team is called into action and forced to replace the Justice League after the heroes have fallen in battle. 

I'm interested in seeing what the alien invasion will look like! I also wonder if they'll have some kind of connection to Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter, maybe like the White Martian race? Either way I think episode 16 will be epic!


  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they cant do that!!!!!! I. AM. ANGRY. RRAAWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!! :/why do they have to this to us again??

    thank you for posting that! i couldnt find a summary of it anywhere!! you know someone actually got hold of episode 16 and put it on youtube...they caught it before i had a chance to watch it :( SOUNDS INTERESTING!!!!!!! i think you may be right, i hope it has something to do with MM.

  2. kaylagough,

    Lol I was disappointed about that but they BETTER bring it back on Nov.4th....or we might have to write that hate letter to CN aha ;]

    Your welcome :) Omg, really? So like there is no trace of episode 16? wow were the hell have I beeen? lol. And maybe we'll finally get closer to find out who is the mole!

  3. I suppose it's okay to wait a week! I mean, as long as I don't have to wait for months then I'm happy! Thanks by the way for helping me with the site! It's not cheap for me to buy due to shippping, but it's under what I can afford and for YJ I'll gladly use the money! (: Let's hope episode 16 will be as epic as you think and I also hope to see some worried YJ for their mentors! O.O I mean, if the Justice League fall in battle then Young Justice will have their hands full! O.O

    - MoR

  4. MoR,

    Your welcome :) Yeah I was wondering how much it would be since the comics will sent all the way to Norway. lol yeah it's worth it cus you can keep the YJ comics forever <3 ahaha I do think ep.16 will be epic cus every episode keeps getting better, no joke! I think the YJ team will come through for their mentors <3

  5. hahahaaa WE WILL write that letter. we would have to as loyal fans to express our frustration! and aww i dont think it was up very long, their youtube account was completely terminated so...very shortlived.

  6. kaylagough,

    ahaha yes! It's our duty as YJ fans to protect and fight for Young Justice ;) lol I hope we're not taking this a little to far ahaha j/k! And ok I went on YouTube and i couldn't find it so I guess it's totally terminated. oh well i guess we all have to wait till Nov.4th lol. :)

  7. ok so...i had an insight randomly. if they are going around a holiday like halloween...are they going to gloss over ALL the holidays withno new episode?? if so, i am not a happy camper.

  8. kaylagough,

    you just brought that to my attention....hmm i hope not! But if CN is celebrating Halloween then they most def. will celebrate other holidays but hopefully they will keep showing the episodes!


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