October 28, 2011

Polls now closed, News Polls open for voting!

Alright the old polls are now closed for voting and new polls are up (right side of the blog). I have a question, do you guys like the YJ Polls? I just want to make sure they are fun :) and if anyone has a YJ poll question, email it to me and I'll put that as the new poll! Ok so back to business, the poll questions were "What Are You Excited to See in Future Episodes?" and "Did You Have Any Idea That Cheshire is Related to Artemis?".

For the question What Are You Excited to See in Future Episodes....

Characters' secrets unveiling came in first place with 59 votes (50%)
Romance and Relationships is in second place with 55 votes (46%)
Mentor and Protege Interactions took third place with 53 votes (44%)
More Characters came in fourth place with 40 votes (33%)
Fight Scenes is in fifth place with 38 votes (32%)
Superman finally accepting Superboy took sixth place with 37 votes (31%)
Finding out who is in The Light got seventh place with 22 votes (18%)
Other Things took last place with 16 votes (13%)

For the question Did You Have Any Idea That Cheshire is Related to Artemis....

Yes, I could totally tell won first place with 49 votes (56%)
I thought it was possible, but I wasn't sure took second place with 27 votes (31%)
No I didn't think they were related came in third place with 11 votes (12%)

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