September 19, 2011

New Episode "Terrors" Clip!

Here is a clip of the upcoming new episode "Terrors" that will air this Friday :) I really can't wait to see this episode I bet it's going to very interesting! It's cool to see the Terror Twins in the episode, they were also in the Young Justice comic book issue #0. I have to make sure not to plan anything on Friday, so I won't miss the epic fight scene! What are your thoughts on "Terrors"?


  1. TheSparrowgirlSeptember 19, 2011

    I'm so excited! Funny I was actually gonna send this to you :)

  2. Juan MontoyaSeptember 19, 2011

    Finally! We finally have a preview to episode 11. Even though it's only 30 seconds and it cuts off early, it still looks epic. I can't wait to watch episode 11 this Friday and nothing will stop me from doing so.

    And, for some reason, I can't post this under my member status.

  3. TheSparrowgirl,
    Aww thanks for wanting to share it with me :) It took me a few days to find it ahaha :)

    aha I am most def. keeping my Friday closed just for Young Justice! And your member status? What do you mean?

  4. Oh yes! This Friday I don't have sports practice so now I can watch it! HOOPLAH~

  5. Girl That Procrastinates,
    ahaha I'm happy for you! I can't wait to watch it :)

  6. Juan MontoyaSeptember 21, 2011

    Oh, it's nothing much; just that I can't use my Google Account to comment because it says I don't have access to use it on this site. It just feels weird typing in my name every single time, but I'll get used to it. Maybe I'll use a username or just my first name (probably the former).

  7. Oh yeah sometimes that happens :/ When I log onto this website on different computers it doesn't show that I'm YJ Blogger and I have type out my name. I'm going to try to fix, cus that is annoying!

  8. OH MY GOD ! THAT WAS THE BEST 30 SECONDS OF MY LIFE <3 :D Well, at least after such a long wait it seemed like it! :D oh, oh! Tomorrow, tomorrow <3 :D I love ya tomorrow <3 :D

    - MoR

  9. MoR,
    ahaha you're funny :p I'm soo excited for tomorrow I just can't wait!!!!


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