September 18, 2011

Look What I Found: Halloween Costumes :)

I found three Young Justice Halloween costumes and I think the Superboy costume looks hilarious (in a good way). The Robin and Kid Flash costume is awesome (duh) lol. I also think it's interesting the costume comes with a mask aha! I found these on Buy Costumes' website, I looked for the other YJ characters but I couldn't find any already made costumes. I guess Robin,Superboy, and Kid Flash are the most.... recognizable characters? Some online Halloween costume stores don't even carry the Kid Flash costume. But if anyone does find other YJ Halloween costumes, please share :)

The Robin costume comes in different sizes though I think the size are children standard sizes.
The costume comes with a Mask, Jumpsuit w/ attached Cape, Belt, and Gloves.

The Kid Flash costume comes in different sizes also (though it might children standard sizes). The costume comes with a Mask, Gloves, and Jumpsuit.

Just like the costumes above, the Superboy costume comes in different sizes but it might be child standard sizes. The costume comes with Jacket w/attached Shirt and Mask. Does not include Pants and Shoes.


  1. oh lol xD the Superboy one!!
    great children's costumes :D I really like them!

  2. chikara,

    The Superboy costume is so hilarious :D But I agree they are great children costumes :)

  3. these are so creepy! lol. why no girl costumes? GIRLS ARE HEROES TOO.

  4. LOL I like the outfits but I think masks kind of ruin it. You are so right! I would love to see Artemis, Black Canary, and Miss Martian costumes!


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