September 21, 2011

Written Piece by Guest Writer Louise

Young Justice: Don’t Call Them Sidekicks

One of my earlier memories, I was in about the first year of elementary school, was me running around in circles chanting ‘Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!’ over and over, next to a boy who ran and jumped screaming ‘Titans, GO!’

Most of us have heard of Teen Titans, that wonderful show back in 2004. I grew up with waiting for four o’ clock and not doing my homework just to hear the familiar ‘T-E-E-N-T-I-T-A-N-S- Teen Titans, Let’s Go!’ every afternoon, come Hell or high water.

So, naturally, after seven years, I was excited to see whether or not Young Justice would live up to my expectations. I had high standards set by the Nolan Batman Trilogy, and by Under The Red Hood. I wanted to see my childhood idols again.

I was dubious about Young Justice. First of all, when I watched the short preview, I was heartbroken about Speedy. I had always thought of him as an appearance conscious playboy, not a gruff hero. Aqualad was also a surprise. I was utterly prejudiced against this whole show, despite the fact it was probably brilliant.

I was then searching up some Teen Titan’s tributes, and discovered that I could not find a single hater of Young Justice. I thought the whole world was crazy. Could they not see that Young Justice prevented the return of Teen Titans? I was in an outrage. I was so annoyed that I decided to watch one of the episodes and leave an angry, hateful review.

So, I went onto YouTube and typed in ‘Young Justice’. I watched ‘Independence Day’.

By the time it had finished, I was an utter fangirl. It felt as though I had entered by childhood with Static Shock, Batman Beyond and Teen Titans, I was going through be ‘tween years with X-Men:Evolution and Batman Begins, and now I was a teenager, watching Young Justice. I felt as though my life had come a full circle.

I utterly adored it from first sight. I laughed at Robin’s prefix-eradicated words, at Superboy’s ‘I don’t have heat vision, so I guess helping is my only option.’

I grew to love Red Arrow, Aqualad, a younger Robin, and even Miss Martian’s ‘Hello, Megan!’ seemed nice. From hate, to home, loathe, to love.

Move over, Titans. There’s a new team in town. It’s called Young Justice. (Don’t call them Sidekicks. Or ‘it’.)

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