August 4, 2011

Young Justice comic book issue #5 and #6

Young Justice comic book issue #5 and #6 are out for grabs, I think it's been available to buy since last month. I do have three issues of the comic book and I would love to buy #5 and #6, they look pretty entertaining. Oh now that I remember, I know some of the Young Justice fans don't live in the USA and other countries that easily sell YJ comics, I have a friend who lives in Norway and has to travel some miles to get to the nearest comic book store, so I suggest if you do have trouble with that then you can buy the comics online :) I bought my first Young Justice comic (#0) on and the rest I just stopped being lazy and went to buy them at the store, there's a comic store  real close to me lol. Does anyone have any interest in buying the latest comic issues?

(Issue #5)  Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy and Miss Martian are ready for their first mission as a team. To get to know each other better, they decide to trade stories around the campfire, revealing how they all started as crimefighters. Will this bring them together or underscore their differences?

(Issue #6)  Campfire bonding continues as the members of the team share their background stories as well as their hopes and fears. But when do these team-building exchanges cross over into TMI territory? How about when Superboy tells everyone how he's thinking of taking out Superman?


  1. I would buy these, but I have to find where my local comic book store is.

  2. Hey Girl That Procrastinates!
    If there is no comic bookstore near you, you can always buy it online. That's what I did for my first issue I ever bought :)


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