August 6, 2011

Art show case from Santana2

Fan fiction writer and DeviantART artist Santana2 has a popular fanfiction story called, "Not for Boys" and recently she has made a digital art piece that goes with her story. The art is also called "Not for Boys" and I think it's totally hilarious! I loved the story and when Santana2 told me about her new art piece I was excited to post it on the blog and share it with the rest of the Young Justice fans :]

This is the digital art Santana2 made! If you would like to let her know how you enjoyed her art piece, here is the link to her DeviantART homepage: and also her page: and you can leave her a comment/review to let her know what you think about it.  And I also want to post the link to the story that art piece is made after so everyone can read it, once again it's called "Not for Boys" :

I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Santana2!!! Can't wait to see more of the YJ stuff you create :] 

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