August 3, 2011

Fan Art- Mini Version :)

I think mini versions of the Young Justice team are cute and hilarious! I wanted to post the next batch of fan art dedicated to little, younger, and/or mini versions of YJ. If anyone would like a theme to be shown on the blog let me know and I'll go hunting for some art that represents that :]

"Mini Young Justice" created by DeviantART artist AironKennell. Click the link to be directed to her DeviantART homepage, so you can see more art from AironKennell:

"Kid Flash" created by DeviantART artist ConflictedSpider.  To check out more art from Conflicted Spider, go to her DeviantART homepage:

"chibi justice version 2" created by DeviantART artist NekoKisshuLover. I posted the link to her DeviantART homepage so everyone can view more art from NekoKisshuLover:

"Miss Martian" created by DeviantART artist Nopenname. If you would like to look at more art from Nopenname, you can visit her DeviantART homepage: or her tumblr:

"Young Justice_BigBro Aqualad" created by DeviantART artist NoahWhite. To see more art from NoahWhite, make sure to click the link to be redirected to her DeviantART homepage:

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