August 26, 2011

Art Made By Young Justice Fans

"Superboy FINDS this Insulting" created by DeviantART artist King-of-Losers. Me being a fan of Young Justice and Harry Potter I just had to post this art piece! Everthing is awesome and I most def Love it :) To see more art from King-of-Losers, click the link:

"Robin" created by DeviantART artist ~Mariya14. I love the way ~Mariya14 drew Robin and the background scene, totally captures Robin at his best :) Click the link to go to view more art from ~Mariya14:

"YJ: Magic VS Science" created by DeviantART artist numbah3. Yay! Another Harry Potter reference :) numbah3 made Dick even more epic! To look at more art from numbah3, visit her DeviantART homepage:

"YJ-Miss M" created by DeviantART artist ~ElderNoelle. I think this is very cute♥ I really like how ~ElderNoelle made Miss Martian look! This really shows Miss Martian's personality :) To see more art from ~ElderNoelle click the link:



    NEW EPISODES ARE COMING!! :D Just thought you'd want to hear about that so you can post it on your blog.

    Keep up the amazing work, I enjoy seeing updates in my inbox daily. :D

  2. Hey YoungTitan213!!!

    Thank you so much for giving me the information!!! I of course made sure to credit you :)

    And I'm very happy that you enjoy the blog, I will most def. try to keep up the work :)


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