August 24, 2011

Updates about Young Justice

September 16th (the day when YJ will be back on air) is approaching soon and it seems like a lot of Young Justice news is being reported. I'm sure everyone, fans and the team that works on Young Justice, are getting more and more excited! So I wanted to keep up my thing of posting YJ updates just in case anyone has missed any information. Before I get into the updates, I would like to point out that I've been talking to some YJ fans and they have told me that they are worried that Young Justice is losing it's popularity, I personally don't think so. Of course I don't know what ratings the show gets but I do think YJ is still going strong. There has been an overwhelming want of new episodes to finally show, the Young Justice comic book is going very strong and new issues are being created every month, there tons of art/fanfiction/and videos being made all the time. Plus the fandom on websites are huge and exciting. Plus I'm sure when the show starts up again, Young Justice will gain even more fans. Ok onto the updates.....

  • Producer Greg Weisman did an interview where he says, "If you're paying close attention, at least five or six members of The Light might be kind of obvious at this point".
  • Danica McKellar, voice actress for Miss Martian, revealed that "SuperMartian" (M'gann & Conner) will soon kiss :).
  • A big congratulations to Phil Bourassa, Young Justice character designer, has won an Emmy for his work on the series!!! YAY!
  • The latest comic issue for the Young Justice comic book is now available to buy. The comic issue is #7 and focuses on Artemis.
  • Here is what Christopher Jones, artist for the YJ comic book, has to say on what to expect on the upcoming issues, "I can tell you that the next several stories are all two-parters. Issues 7 & 8 focus on Artemis and her back story. We even get to see her first encounter with the Young Justice team from her perspective. Had you wondered why she shot that arrow through the window during that fight with Amazo and then disappeared? Read the comic and you'll find out!".
  • Producer Greg Weisman will become co-writer for the Young Justice comic books.
  • Here is the next episodes that will be showing on Cartoon Network (this is the U.S.A schedule, other countries might be different so check you local listings): "Denial"(Aug.26th), "Downtime"(Sep.2nd), "Bereft"(Sep.9th), "Targets"(Sep.16th).

If there is any updates/news that I miss, write it in the comment section so everyone can know what it is :)

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  1. I have a bit of a beef with revealing an original character's backstory in the comic, unless they also plan to focus on it in the show.
    To me, that's a bit money-hungry. 'YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT ARTEMIS'S PAST? WELL, BUY THE COMIC BOOK!'


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