June 16, 2011

"Targets" review

If you have not seen episode 10 “Targets” then I suggest not reading this because my review contains spoilers.

The writers for the show really know how to capture their audiences’ attention right from the start. Having Roy (Red Arrow) in the beginning scene I think was great because I got the feeling that something was about to go down, which it did. With him contacting Aqualad about Cheshire and getting to see the little fight scene between Red Arrow and Cheshire was a real great opener for the show. I couldn’t help thinking how Red Arrow and Cheshire make a cute couple ;) I do hope that the show’s writers keep having Red Arrow and Cheshire cross paths because I really enjoy their relationship, well some-what of a relationship lol. The fight scenes between these two were really brilliant, I have to give kudos to the artists of the show, they really are talented. I can watch hours and hours of the fight scenes because they look so awesome.

Speaking of fight scenes, how cool was the action between Aqualad and Sportsmaster? Effin’ BEAST! My favorite part was when Red Arrow was like “lets end this!” and shot at the ceiling sprinklers, water came pouring down and the music starts to get more bass and Aqualad has this face like yep it’s my time to shine. Haha loved it, but Cheshire had to ruin the moment with that bomb thingy. Booo! Lol. Aqualad is starting to really grow on me too. At first, in the beginning of the whole series he wasn’t my favorite because I thought he was like a one-dimensional character, ya know always being formal and serious, but how he was in “Downtime” and “Targets” made me see more sides to Aqualad that I like. I thought it was cute how he kept calling Red Arrow “my friend” instead of using his name, shows how sweet and friendly he is J haha ok I’ll stop with the fluff talk lol.

And you know I couldn’t do a review without talking about M’gann and Super- um Conner, right?! Let me start off by saying that I loved these two in this episode! I got super excited when I found out that the both of them were going to school. I was kind of shocked though, but still pleased. I thought when Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, and Aqualad were talking to Miss M and SB before they left was funny. There is one thing I didn’t like though, and I’m sure you all can guess…how Conner got his effin’ name! I like M’gann, I really do but damn it I wanted SUPERMAN to give him his name! It would have made a perfect father and son momentL!!!!! But oh well, I did think it was funny when Manhunter gave Conner his last name and the rest didn’t pick up why he had SB be named Kent. LOL M’gann thought it was because of the late Kent Nielson (R.I.P). The school scenes were also nice. I really liked the scene were M’gann was trying out for the cheerleading squad, her dance moves were so hilarious, she looked cute doing them thoughJ. I also noticed how SB waited for her, that’s sweet, but what was sweeter was how he got in fight mode when those cheerleaders poured the water on M’gann! The scene was fluff then it turned into funny because of SB’s face plant to the floor. Thanks to M’gann!
There are only a few things that weren’t on my favorite list and one of them is the no Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis. They are great characters and I think they should be in every episode. Hopefully a new episode would show the interaction between Artemis and Dick because they both now go to the same school. Another thing that was a little “eh” was the way M’gann was acting, I wanted to say “calm down girl!” Like I said before I really like her but I don’t like her over hyper-ness in this episode…CALM DOWN, it’s going to be OK! Lol. And one more downside is that I’m still waiting for the Superman and Superboy interaction!! AHHH, I can’t wait for SM to accept SB!!!

Before I end this review, I would like to give my predictions for the future episodes to come. I don’t think the “mole” or “inside person” is Artemis because that is to freakin obvious. And I don’t think it’s any of the other team members, I think it might be the ball-sphere thingy that’s Superboy’s pet. The reason is because that thing looks evil to me and Supermaster knows about what happened in Bialya and the sphere thing was in Bialya too. I do think Artemis and Cheshire have some kind of special connection though, I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean in a they are family or old friends kind of way.  
Overall I loved this episode and I’m glad I got to finally see it, even if it was only because it got leaked, oh well Cartoon Network shouldn’t take so long to air the show again :p I love how this episode turned out and it makes me even more excited to see the future episodes!!! Peace, love, and happiness!


  1. I just watched the episode (thanks for putting it up btw), and I really liked it. I think my favorite part was the RA/AL team-up! And of course Roy in a suit (hubba hubba).
    When Lex Luthor popped up I literally went 'dun dun duuunnn'. He felt a little off at first, but maybe that's because I'm used to seeing him in Justice League.
    The parts with Chesire were cool, but I felt she came onto Roy a little too quickly. I mean, I knew she was gonna be flirty, but I kinda wished they hadn't rushed into it like that- But hey, this is Young Justice, they always rush into relationships.
    Speaking of, it was nice seeing SB and MM is a highschool setting because of their obvious cheerleader/jock stereotype, but I do agree that Megan's naming of SB was really... no. I always imagined SB going on a trip to Smallville to meet the Kents and Martha giving him the name of 'Connor', BUT I GUESS I CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING, CAN I? And Megan's immediate invitation to cheerleader tryouts was also pretty annoying. They hadn't even stepped inside the school and it was just like we got slapped with HEY MEGAN'S GONNA BE A CHEERLEADER BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT GIRLS DO!
    I really missed Robin, KF, and Arty in this episode, but RA and AL totally made up for it.
    But I was not amused by the Chesire-underwear-fanservice. -_-

  2. Hey Red,
    Your welcome, I was pretty excited to put the video on the blog!
    Yes I think what made the episode awesome was the team up with Roy and Kaldur, idk why but it made 100 times better.
    Haha yeah YJ does rush into relationships, I hope at least SB and Miss M take it slow and especially Wally and Artemis.
    Haha yeah the name thing was a downer but that's what i get for not being a writer for the show :/
    You are right about the cheer leading invitation, to effin quick! Like whoa whoa, slow down!
    and I missed the rest of the characters too :(
    But I did like the whole episode and it was worth waiting :)


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