June 17, 2011

Brawl of Justice (video game)

Hi-ya Winking smile I’m sure most know about Cartoon Network's video game, Brawl of Justice, that focuses on Superboy and Aqualad who are in Cadmus. But if you didn’t know that then I’m glad to be able to fill you in about it. I haven’t played it yet because you have to download the game and at the time I wanted to play it, I didn’t feel like downloading…but I will play it soon.
 The game does seem interesting though, the summary of the game is The Young Justice team is trapped in Project Cadmus, Robin needs time to bypass the security system. Use Superboy's incredible powers to fight off waves of genomorphs and Blockbuster himself. Do you have what it takes to battle in 3D? . If anyone is interested in playing the game you can go to YouTube and check out the videos that’ll show you what the game looks like and/or you can go the actual website to download it and play. Here is the link: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/youngjustice/brawlofjustice/index.html. If anyone plays it or has already played it, let us know how the game is by commenting on this post, I’m very interested on reading the reviews on the game Smile

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