June 16, 2011

Fan Art - Artemis centric

"YJ-Artemis" created by DeviantART artist DaynahKay. Want to see more art from DaynahKay? Visit her DeviantART homepage: http://daynahkay.deviantart.com/.

"I've Done Some Bad Things" created by DeviantART artist kelso895. Go visit kelso895's DeviantART homepage to view more art from her!: http://kelso895.deviantart.com/.

"YJ: Artemis" created by DeviantART artist ~sango562. To see more from ~sango562, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://sango562.deviantart.com/.

"Miss Artemis Crock" created by DeviantART artist grasspukingpoop. To see more from this artist, click the link to visit her DeviantART homepage: http://grasspukingpoop.deviantart.com/

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