June 14, 2011

Episode 10 "Targets"

OK, so I'm so flabbergasted that I found episode 10 "Targets" on YouTube, thanks to YouTube user princesstimmybird for posting it :) I don't know how this was even on YouTube but I guess it leaked and people started to post it. Also I don't know how long I can keep this up since its not even suppose to be showing, so i suggest you watch it now. Some of you might notice that yesterday I posted the links instead of the videos but I decided to post the whole episode ;) Hope you all enjoy and share your thoughts on the episode by commenting on this post :)

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  1. kaylagoughJune 15, 2011

    AHHHH!!!!!!!!! i had no idea this was out!! thanks for posting this!! im gunna watch it asap!!!!!!!!!!! ur so amazing :D

  2. ;) Your welcome, yeah its out on YouTube but it hasnt shown on Cartoon Network yet


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