June 8, 2011

Fan Art- Aqualad Centric

"AquaLad" created by DeviantART artist cmcy. This is a wonderful drawing of Aqualad, looks just like him! I love the shading and the facial features :) To view more of cmcy's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://cmcy.deviantart.com/

"YJ: AquaBEAST" created by DevianART artist Kingofthieves. Such a great art piece! I really love the water and his electric tattoos, it looks awesome. To see more of Kingofthieves' art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://kingofthieves.deviantart.com/

"Water Breathers" created by DeviantART artist Candy2021. This is so cute and hilarious! I love the idea of the whole thing and it's a brilliant art piece. To check out more of Candy2021's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://candy2021.deviantart.com/

"Hipster Kaldur" created by DeviantART artist Dranzer92. I love this art piece, I'm glad I was able to post it on the blog! This is wonderful and I think Kaldur looks great! To view more of Dranzer92's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://dranzer92.deviantart.com/

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