June 9, 2011

New Episode, "Targets", Update

In my older post I wrote about the new episode, "Targets", not airing on June 3rd, I promised if I find any news about episode 10, I would post it on the blog. Well I do have some "updates" that I would like to tell everyone, "Targets" is suppose to be airing July 1st or July 8th. I hoping for July 1st! Those are the two dates I found on the Internet. Once I know the for sure date, I'll post it. You know Cartoon Network, they keep changing things :( So be on the look out for a new episode around the beginning of July.The characters that will be in "Targets" are the Young Justice team, Red Arrow, Chesire, and Sensei. I'm thinking that Speedy..um sorry..Red Arrow (lol) will have to join partnerships with Chesire and maybe Sensei is against them? What are your predictions?!

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