June 7, 2011

Young Justice CosPlay (costume play)

I had mentioned in my first post ever ( to see my older posts, go to the bottom of the blog and click the link that says "older") that I wanted to post anything and everything that has to do with Young Justice. So i started to post art, music videos, reviews, and so on. But I forgot about Cosplay! And since YJ is getting more and more popular, so is "Young Justice Cosplay". For those who don't know what Cos play is, it is short for "costume play", is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. So i went searching for some Young Justice fans that do Cosplay, down below are five fans that enjoy taking part of Young Justice Cosplaying :) I will be posting more photos of Cosplay, and if anyone has Cosplay photos and would like to show them off on the blog let me know and I will post them :)

"The Young Justice" by DeviantART artist camilliette. To view more cosplay photos from camilliete, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://camilliette.deviantart.com/

"young justice: Kid Flash" by DeviantART artist paranoidiomatic. To check out more of paranoidiomatic's cosplay, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://paranoidiomatic.deviantart.com/

"YJ: Watching in a Trance" by DeviantART artist CatalystSirene. To look at more of CataylstSirene's cosplay, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://catalystsirene.deviantart.com/

"YJ: Artemis" by DeviantART artist Kristy101xD. To see more of Kristy101xD's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://kristy101xd.deviantart.com/

"Young Justice- Dick Grayson" by DeviantART artist Heimdall-san. To scope out more of Heimdall-san's cosplay go to his DevianART homepage: http://heimdall-san.deviantart.com/


  1. This is amazing but where on earth did they get the costumes? They don't look homemade but then again people do crazy things for fandom

  2. hey nessavelez,
    Yeah the costumes are amazing :)
    I think the costumes are homemade, at least most of them are homemade like the dick grayson picture and the artemis picture.

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2012

    The first picture would be amazing if Artemis actually held the bow properly. I just can't get over that.


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