May 18, 2011

Young Justice comic book #0 review

Yep, that 19yr old girl right there, is me :)
A couple of days ago the USPS (delivery) man gave me my Young Justice Comic #0 (based on the Cartoon Network series). I was uber excited for my first YJ comic Open-mouthed smile So my thoughts on the comic are very positive.

The whole comic is about what happened after the Cadmus incident that was not shown on Cartoon Network. I really enjoyed how each character had their moments of what they were going through before Batman put the team together. My favorite part was Dick talking to Alfred and expressing his impatient-ness with Bruce. It was funny and cute Smile Another great thing about the comic is Wally and Superboy’s three days together. Wally invited Superboy over his house for three days to wait out Batman’s decision. Their interaction was priceless and I love how their emotions and actions stuck with the series. Speaking about the series, I noticed how some of the quotes were also in the comic and I thought that was coolThumbs up. Oh and The Flash looked awesome! Red heart his character!

I only had two dislikes which is the way Robin was drawn, I get really picky about that. I thought he looked scary. And some of the dialogue was a little corny. I’m a teenager and I have to keep reminding myself that kids read this too. LOL.

Over all though, the comic was GREAT and highly recommend it. I think everyone should read it, especially since you’ll get even more info about the series. I will be getting the next comic and I’ll be doing a review for that. If any of you also has comic #0 and would like to do a review on the blog, let me know and I will gladly post your review on the blog Winking smile


  1. kaylagoughMay 18, 2011

    what a pretty girl!! :D its hard to see robin as scary! thats hilarious! hahaha

  2. ahaha thanks...though i think i look pretty scary lol!
    and ugh robin scared me the first time i saw the way the people drew him :/ hhahaha!

  3. kaylagoughMay 19, 2011

    pssh! thats only in your head sweet girl!! haahhahaahahahaha maybe you should submit a formal complaint to the company. lol

  4. hahah thanks :)
    You know thats a great i just need to figure out where to send the letter ahaha!


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