May 17, 2011

Another Young Justice Music Video!

Another wonderful music video ( I love finding/watching these things!), the video is called "Young Justice- High school Never Ends" created by YouTube user DobbyisinGryffindor. To me, this music video is very amusing and cute :) It also somewhat tells the truth - high school never ends (sadly) ahaha! I hope you all are entertained and if you want to view more of DobbyisinGryffindor's videos, go to her YouTube homepage:


  1. Dude, you should put on the blog.

    Also, something on here is making my computer lag.
    I'm guessing it's the toolbar thing down there.

  2. Awesome, I most def. check out the video and see if I can post it on the blog.

    And sorry about that, I going to take it off right now, thanks for letting me know.


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