May 14, 2011

Fan Fiction

I found some more great fan fictions stories, that I think everyone would enjoy. To see the other fan fiction stories that I've posted a while back, go to the bottom of the page and click the link "older". I hope you all enjoy these stories. If you like them, review the stories, favorite the story and author, and read other fan fiction from these authors! ENJOY :)

1.) "My Sweetest Dream" written by Nissan Hoshi. This story has great romance between Artemis and Wally. The whole time I was reading the story, I kept smiling and getting all happy lol. I really recommend that all the fans rooting for "Wall-Art" should read this story. Here is the summary: So Artemis has been having trouble sleeping and guess who shows up one night. Can candy and chips cure her nightmares for good or will it take the sweetness from a certain red haired hero to give her sweet dreams? one shot. To read, click the link:

2.) "The Sweater Thief" written by Samanthabreathes. Such a hilarious story! I loved the interaction between Roy and Wally. I also think the storyline is very creative, it makes you giggle, and only the author could of thought up something so clever! Here is the summary: "Yes, my sweater." Roy stalked over to the speedster and the younger boy shrank under his intense gaze. "My clothes are gone from my locker and I thought it was the Boy Blunder but lo and behold I see its you who's wearing my sweater!" One-shot; Complete. To read, click the link:

3.) "The Truth About Kids" written by Santana2. M'kay, where do I start? I'll start here...I LOVE IT! Such a cute and awesome story. The dialogue between Batman and The Flash is priceless. I felt warm fuzzies in my heart while reading this story :) I really think everyone should read it! The writing style is awesome and you really can feel the emotions in the characters! Here is the summary: Flash needs some help . . . and Batman is his last resort . . . T for safety. To read, click the link:

4.) "Cowl" written by Shinigami's Death Angel. Usually I post stories that are "one-shots" but this one (which has 2 chapters) is too good to pass up! I have to share this story with everyone! OK gosh, this story is excellent and the writing is awesome. While reading, I actually felt like I understood Batman and Robin even more! Here is the summary: Bruce's journey from childhood to adulthood, from innocence to hiding beneath a cowl, from son to father, from being broken to being human, and how Dick fits into it all. To read, click the link:

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