May 13, 2011

Young Justice Comic Book

M’Kay So I thought it would be cool if I let everyone know that Young Justice has a comic book. I know there is the original Young Justice comic book, but there’s another one that’s based entirely on the Young Justice animated series on Cartoon Network.
This photo right here, is the first Young Justice comic book, #0. I read that this one is about the aftermath of Cadmus and shows what happens when Superboy spends the night over Wally’s house. There is 3 more comics that are part of the series, called Young Justice #1, Young Justice #2, and Young Justice #3. Today I’m buying the first one, which is Young Justice #0. I will probably be buying the rest of the series. I’ll tell you a secret, this will be my first ever comic book that I buy! Growing up I was more into reading novels and magazines. A while back my father told me about a new show coming out on Cartoon Network called Young Justice, and once I watched the first episode (independence day) I fell in love with Young Justice and everything that goes with it. Now I’m interested in reading comics :) When I buy the comic, I’ll do a review, letting you all know how it is. If you already bought the comic, let me know and maybe you can do a review? Also since I’m getting into the whole comic world, any suggestions on what comics I should start reading?


  1. kaylagoughMay 14, 2011

    definately go into DC, obviously, since you are interested in YJ :) start with your fav character's origin story, and build up from there. from there the storied will expose you to other characters which you can then further explore. Thats what i did. Mine was batman so i started with his origin, and just got random comics with him as the central character. i just learned the characters better that way--being thrown into their world with no strings attached. Graphic Novels are the best to get though in my opinion cause they last longer, and have complete story arcs in them.

  2. Yeah I most def. will start with DC, idk maybe Marvel is good too but I'm not really that interested in Marvel. DC ROCKS! Thanks for tips, I might start with Batman or The Flash :)


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