May 15, 2011

Fan Art

More Fan Art that I love! If you have art that you made about Young Justice and want to share it on the blog, let me know and I will most def. be happy to post it! 

"YJ- Kids don't lie about cookies" created by DeviantART user Pandablubb. I love the way the artist drew Kid Flash and Robin as children, very cute! Plus I think the what Wally says is soo adorable! This is one of my favorite art pieces. To view more of Pandablubb's art, visit her DeviantART homepage:

"Young Justice chibies" created by DeviantART user Fox4859. Another great and cute art piece! I smiled so hard when I first saw this picture on Deviant. The artist put awesome detail in the characters and I just love it! To view more of Fox4859's art, visit his DeviantART homepage:

" I can't glow in the dark either" created by DeviantART user millionfish. I love comic-strips and this one is hilarious! Like I said in early post that I like anything AquaLad and I just had to put this art piece on the blog! To view more of millionfish's art, visit her DeviantART homepage:

"Fan Art- Young Justice" created by DeviantART user Shinzo-X. Wow, just Wow! This art piece is so different and creative. I love the characters expressions and I think the whole idea of M'gann making sweaters is awesome! To view more of Shinzo-X's art, visit her DeviantART homepage:

"Artemis from Young Justice" created by DeviantART user CodenameZeus. Great drawing of Artemis. I love how the artist made Artemis look more Asian (since she is mixed with Asian!) and I think the whole art piece just shows how talented CodenameZeus is! To view more of his art, go to his DeviantART homepage:

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