May 20, 2011

Fan Art

"Ninja Brigade" created by DeviantART user below-the-surf.  I most def. had to post this art on the blog, I mean come on, the characters are dressed as Robin! How cool is that? Pretty Cool! The art was based on a Fan Fiction story called, "Ninja For A Day". To view more of below-the-surf's art, go to her DeviantART homepage:

"M'gann's alone time" created by DevianART user xment2bursx. You know, I always liked Miss Martian and this art makes me like her even more. The way the artist made the colors so vibrant and made the overall art so detailed is brilliant! To look at more of xment2bursx's art, go to her DeviantART homepage:

"Dangers of Fandom" created by DeviantART user Jackie-lyn. This art piece captures how people really are! Its so funny and I love everything about it! As soon as I came across this art, i was like "OMG I have to share this!" ahaha. Plus i always love when artists put speech bubbles! To view more of Jackie-lyn's art, go to her DeviantART homepage:

"Cheer Up, Kiddo" created by DeviantART user Eloni. Awe poor Wally! I don't like when he's sad but I love this art, especially the way the artist drew everything, pure talent! Though Wally is drawn being sad, everything is lively and energetic! To view more of Eloni's art, go to her DeviantART homepage:

"Miss Martian and Superboy" created by DeviantART user Oniwolf12. This makes me even more excited for their relationship lol. This drawing is sooo cute and I love the characters' expressions, the artist stayed true to their personalities. Now I'm excited to see where there relationships goes in the series! To view more of Oniwolf12's art, go to her DeviantART homepage:

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