May 21, 2011

Fan Fiction

If you know anyone or you yourself, writes fan fiction stories about Young Justice and would like to share it on the blog, email me or leave a comment letting me know and I would love to post the link to it :)

1.) "Burn" written by itswallie. This story is very entertaining and humorous. I really enjoyed the interaction between Wally and Robin. Plus the ending was just too awesome! Here is the summary: Robin wants out of a bio exam on Monday, and Wally has an almost foolproof solution involving a well-placed tan. YJAM prompt fill. To read click the link:

2.) "The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night" written by ToadFlame. What I like is the characters, Red Arrow and Green Arrow. It's awesome how ToadFlame could come up with a story like this :) If your looking for some humor between Red Arrow an d Green Arrow, this is the one to read. Here is the summary: Sometimes, bad luck just can't be avoided. To read click the link:

3.) "Talking" written by anakinlove. One word to describe this story ADORABLE! Very sweet and I love how Batman and Robin are together. Great Story, i really recommend to read this, you'll be smiling at the end :) Here is the summary: Super boy's having problems with communication with Superman. He decides to try for a talk with next best thing. To read click the link:

4.) "Hot Lava" written by Ali-Th3-Ch3shir3-Kat. This story will bring back childhood memories. I found myself smiling and thinking how I use to play Hot Lava. Wonderful story and written very well. I think the last part will surprise readers! Here is the summary: "We should play hot lava." Robin stared at his best friend with a look of confusion, the other doing the same. "What?" The speedster sighed, sitting up straighter in his chair. "We should play hot lava. Y'know, the game where the floor is lava-" To read click the link:

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