April 5, 2011

Young Justice Action Figures

With Young Justice's popularity on the rise, it was only a matter of time before toy stores and toy websites would be start selling Young Justice action figures. I went on a quest, thanks google, to see if any were made and I found a couple of action figures. Yes i call them action figures because I know some of you out there don't like the word toys. LOL. Anyways with my research I only found a couple of action figures made, theres Batman and Robin, Flash and Kid Flash, Artemis, Aquaman and AquaLad, and some villians. Here's a picture of the Robin action figure:

Robin has alot of muscles ;)

I hope they make a miss martian and superboy action figure soon! I pasted the link to one of the online toy stores that sells the action figures. If any of you buy them let me know and I'll make a post about your review on the action figure :)

Here's the link:


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